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Unimet PUF panels are used for INSULATED PRE-FABRICATED SHELTERS , such asporta cabins,cold/freezing rooms, walk-in-cooler, prefab house, clean rooms ,telecom shelters ,ware-house, security cabins.tranport refrigeration, truck/van & many more application . These can be installed with in very short period at site.These panels are widly used for accomodations and camps at high altitudes


A) PUF(Polyurethane foam): Cladded with pre-painted GI, plain GI ,aluminum,stainless steel sheets, FRP/Polycorbonate sheets etc.

These Panels have very good insulation properties, are light weight but strong & long lasting.

The required thickness of these panels is very less as compared to others , and are fire resistant and water tight.

Technical Properties :

LAMBDA VALUE : (over all heat transfer coefficient): 0.2w/mk
Usefull Temp : Range :-80C to +120C(upto which these can be usedd)
Normal Density Range : 40 kg (+-2)/m (can be supplied bettween 35 & 45 kg/m)
Fire Rating : Conforming to B-3,DIN -4102/BS-4735 and self extinguishing

B) EPS: (Expanded Polystrene): Cladded with GI/PPGI/C Cement sheets , these are light in weight, economical, water proof,long lasting.

C) MINERAL WOOL : These high quality resin bonded , have excellent acoustic properties ,fire resistant, water repellent and have compressive strength.
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